Jocelyn Eddie

Jocelyn graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Dance) from WAAPA in 2017. During her time at WAAPA Jocelyn was fortunate enough to work with a number of renowned choreographers such as Richard Cilli, Scott Ewen, James O’Hara, and Isabella Stone. Jocelyn then completed her Honours in Dance as a member of LINK Dance Company in 2018, touring works by Richard Cilli, Emma Fishwick, Tobiah Booth-Remmers and Ori Flomin, to Europe and the East Coast of Australia. Jocelyn became a member of SYNDICATE Performance in 2018, choreographing for and performing in SYNDICATE’s The Kitchen Sync in 2019. She performed in two works in Not Sold Separately’s debut season ceilings in April 2019. Jocelyn also choreographed a work called fish feet, alongside Jessie Camilleri-Seeber, for STRUT’s Short Cuts season which was then selected for further development in the Blue Room Theatre’s Winter Shorts program. 

Image: Hannah Laurent


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