Past Works


The Kitchen Sync

The Kitchen Sync was SYNDICATE’s second performance season, and was performed as a part of Perth's 2019 FRINGE WORLD Festival.

"Presented by SYNDICATE, shared by all. We inhabit this place, perhaps altogether, perhaps worlds apart, regardless - these walls are rich with history. We watch as the stories compile and compress before us, a glimpse into the lives of those whom once traipsed such floors. A future imprinted by pasts, an obtuse journey that allows us to heed what we need from what we see."

A series of vignettes set in one extremely communal share-house, where existential shower thoughts, bedroom boogies and flying spaghetti made for an unforgettable and absurdly entertaining experience.

The Kitchen Sync was a dual award-nominated season.

Performed at YMCA HQ in Leederville.


Us, At The Moment

Us, At The Moment was SYNDICATE’s debut season, and was performed as part of Perth's 2018 FRINGE WORLD Festival.

"A snappy, comical and honest show where personalities run rampant - it's the human condition, as told by us. No truth left unspoken, we hope to be exposed. A romp with dance and theatricality to be remembered by."

Us, At The Moment was a dual award-nominated, sold out season.

Performed at Rigby's Bar in Perth City.


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